Ten Tiny Tips

About Us


The Sustainable Design Group brings together affiliated professionals that have embraced the following ideas:


+ Sustainable design should be available at an accessible price.

+ Sustainable design incorporates unique features appropriate to the place.

+ Sustainable design is, by definition, durable and long lasting, therefore classic and proven elements of style should be incorporated.

+ A team approach to sustainable design, incorporating the developer, the architect, the engineer and the stakeholders from the beginning, yields a more efficient product both in terms of environmental impact and cost.


Our Mission


The Sustainable Design Group seeks to transform spaces and places to improve efficiency and function, safety and health, beauty and happiness while making the transformation authentic and accessible to all.


The principals of the Sustainable Design Group are proudly affiliated with the following organizations:


US Green Building Council

Congress for New Urbanism

American Institute of Architects

Builders Association of North Central Florida



Active Licenses


CA Lic. no 28853



P.E. Lic. No 68187

P.E. Lic. No 20488



What We Believe


on Architecture:


Architecture should recognize its responsibility as part of our environment. Every building and every space has an impact on the way we live. Each building should relate to the human scale, and work with the other elements around it to create continuity and sense of place.


on Town Planning:


The concept is to organize goods, services, public spaces, greenways, and a variety of housing types into a community. Proportion and scale of the street, sidewalk, and building design come together to make people, not the automobile, the focus.


on New Urbanism:


The benefits of New Urbanism are far reaching. Compared to conventional developments, it allows for more efficient infrastructure, more units per acre, and a mixture of sizes and types of units, both residential and commercial. In addition, by allowing a variety of uses in proximity, it provides the opportunity to capture automobile trips, as well as reduce the number of trips originating from the neighborhood. Residents of New Urban neighborhoods actually have the option of walking to many of the services they need. On a regional scale, it can ease traffic pressures by reducing the average distance people travel to services. Concentrating people, goods, and services into smaller land areas means that there is more land available near the urban centers for recreation, preservation, and agricultural uses. New Urbanism is gaining popularity with residents and business owners for the convenience and the security of a neighborhood that is occupied 24 hours a day.

Ten Tiny Tips


1. Spend money for what you believe in: invest in your beliefs.

2. Take care of what you have. Buy only what you need. Support a local business.

3. Think about packaging, quality, and durability when choosing a product.

4. Downsize, when possible, all conditioned spaces: houses, cars, offices, refrigerators.

5. Be warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Keep the windows open in spring and fall.

6. Get to know your neighbors. Take care of each other. Share a meal or ride.

7. Start and stop slowly when driving. Better yet, ride your bike.

8. Make a meatless meal choice.

9. Plant something you can eat later.

10. Use it up, wear it out, make do- so our children won't have to do without.

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